Car Decoration Steering Wheel Handbrake Gear Cover

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Warm beautiful and fashion! The wheel cover provides the latest in innovative steering wheel protection. This attractive cover improves the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels and protects hands from hot and cold extremes. The steering wheel cover will make you feel more comfortable when you handing the steering wheel. It has environmentally friendly white rubber inner ring, environmental health, and solid non-slip With a light texture, soft, delicate, breathable, absorb sweat, moisture, environmental protection and other features. Fits for most standard steering wheels.


1. Will be placed on top of the steering wheel at the top of the steering wheel cover, press and hold the upper part of the steering wheel, and gradually lower the steering wheel with both hands on either side to tighten.

2. When the steering wheel hard to the fixed, please pull the other down to the appropriate location.

3. The steering wheel at the bottom of the installation is complete, solid non slip should reach the appropriate state and make some adjustments after installation.